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Is an interactive website for the teenagers from diverse cultural backgrounds to interact , exchange their views and opinions and widen their perspectives. Adolescence is the period of growth both physical and emotional , wherein a lot of changes are taking place within the body. Most of the times , the adolescent(teenager ) is never understood by the adults. More so because the adolescent never really understands himself/herself . This creates a lot of confusion in their own minds.

This website attempts to help the adolescents to understand certain health and emotional issues associated with their lives and also enables them to interact with other teens , to exchange their views and hence help and learn from each other.

This website is founded and coordinated by Dr. Paula Goel , Adolescent Physician and supported by staff and doctors of teen centre Fayth clinic , Prabhadevi , Mumbai .

Fayth clinic is an ISO 9001:2008 certified multispeciality medical and diagnostic centre.

The teen centre conducts Medical OPDS , vaccinations, counselling services , fitness and customised exercise programs and workshops and seminars for teenagers. The clinic is equipped with state of art fitness centre with special exercise programs for teenagers.

To create awareness amongst teenagers and youth regarding their physical , emotional and mental health and provide a forum for exchange of information and opinions.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this website is to provide awareness amongst teenagers and youth. Resource material is included to provide information and shouldnot to be used to take treatment under any circumstances. You are advised to contact your Adolescent Physician for your medical problems. Opinions and views expressed by individuals through this forum are their own and the website does not take responsibility for individual opinions. Opinions expressed do not constitute guidelines for medical treatment .

Information of individuals logging in including email ids and contact details would not be shared with anyone. Identity of individual asking queries would be kept confidential.

ISO 90001:2008

Founded by Dr Paula Goel , consulting adolescent physician . Dr Goel has done her postgraduation in pediatrics from Pune University and further specialization in adolescent pediatrics from Kerala university. She has worked as a pediatrician since the last 17 years and in the adolescent pediatrics since last 7 years. She has a special interest in adolescent obesity and its multiple problems and lifestyle diseases in the young.She conducts adolescent OPDs, teen vaccination programs, and customized exercise programs for teenagers and youth. She conducts different workshops for teenagers , parents and colleges related top medical and social; problems faced by teenagers. She also conducts workshops on Role of parents in Adolescent health. She is also the trustee of FAITH HEALTH AND TEEN CARE FOUNDATION , charitable NGO devoted to programs related to adolescent issues and health of senior citizens. She is actively involved in research on lifestyle diseases in adolescents and youth. She has been featured in many press reviews on adolescent obesity both nationally and internationally.She is an active member of Adolescent chapter of Indian Academy of Pediatrics and certified national trainer for training pediatricians in adolescent medicine.