How do I know if my child has Pneumonia?

Dr. Paula Goel, Pediatrician & Adolescent Physician  Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs in which the air sacs in the lungs (called alveoli) fill up with pus and other fluid. This makes it hard for oxygen to reach the bloodstream. This can occur at any age but is more frightening in children as it may […]

What are some tips for the parents to work with effectively if child /teen has an eating disorder? help?

Dr.Paula Goel, Pediatrician & Adolescent Specialist For every family that has a child with an eating disorder is a nightmare. The following are some helpful tips for preserving and protecting your child’s recovery throughout life: Understand the triggers: Unique thoughts or experiences are frequently associated with impulses to re-engage in eating disorder behaviors. By practicing […]

Eating Disorders: Anorexia and Bulimia

Dr.Paula Goel, Pediatrician & Adolescent Specialist Anorexia: Is a condition when an individual has a propensity to miss meals, goes on an extremely restrictive diet and unhealthy diets, has an obsession with thinness, weight and food, and irregular eating patterns or rituals. Weight is less than minimally expected” in anorexia nervosa, food consumption is reduced, […]

Does my child require medications to control blood pressure? Why and for how long?

Dr. Paula Goel, Pediatrician & Adolescent Specialist Children with mild (stage I) hypertension, particularly those with essential hypertension, are first managed by lifestyle measures, described above. If blood pressure is not controlled despite these measures, medications are necessary. Occasionally, patients may present with very severe hypertension with complications, including convulsions or breathing difficulty, and require […]

Is my child at risk of hypertension? How often should blood pressure be checked? Does my child require evaluation for high blood pressure?

Dr. Paula Goel, Pediatrician & Adolescent Specialist We usually assume that high blood pressure is a problem that affects adults, and not children. However, essential hypertension is quite common, and affects 2–3% of otherwise normal children. As most children do not show symptoms of hypertension, doctors recommend that blood pressure should be measured once a […]

Do I need to alter my child’s diet if the blood pressure is elevated? What other measures can I take to keep the blood pressure in control?

Dr Paula Goel , Pediatrician & Adolescent Specialist, Fayth Clinic Fortunately, there is a lot that you can do to help your child control his/her blood pressure. Overweight children should be encouraged to reduce weight to the normal level for age, using changes in lifestyle that lead to an increase in physical activity and reduce […]

Are Vaccines compulsory?

Dr. Paula Goel , pediatrician Vaccination protects us against diseases. As per the Government of India and the IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics) recommendations all children are vaccinated against common & dangerous childhood illnesses . Vaccination starts at birth as babies have low immunity and vaccination helps to build up immunity. Certain vaccines are compulsory […]

Does my child have mild or severe hypertension? What are the reasons for high blood pressure in children?

Blood pressure values that are slightly higher than that of 90% normal children are termed as “elevated blood pressure”. If the blood pressure is higher than levels found in 95% healthy children of the same sex and age, on three different  occasions, the patient is considered to have “hypertension”. Based on the level of blood […]

Is my child addicted to the net?

Children & teenagers in the age group of  8 to 18 spend on average 44.5 hours per week  ( about 6.3 hours or more per day )in front of screens, whether it is for the purpose of academics or entertainment.  Does this worry you? Parents feel that compulsive use of the internet robs a child […]