NGO Activities 2010-2011

Conduct subsidised medical OPD and tests for poor patients through out the year at Fayth Clinic.

  1. 14th June 2010: Youth camp at Fayth clinic for health screening of teenagers in age group of 13-19yrs for cholesterol and sugar and high blood pressure. 72 beneficiaries noted.
  2. 15th August 2010: Arthritis and osteoporotic camp held prabhadevi, 79 beneficiaries noted
  3. 22nd August 2010: workshop on parenting in association with CASP held at YWCA. Attended by 35 attendees.
  4. 18th November 2010: interactive workshops for teenagers on peer pressure and exam stress, attended by 55 teenagers .
  5. 26th January 2011: senior citizen camp at Alibaug, 104 bneneficiaries. Medical checkup, ecg and eye checkup conducted
  6. 11th March 2011: healthy baby contest for under 5 children at prabhadevi. 31 attendees. health talk given to mothers on breast feeding, weaning diet and immunisation