Vision Problems

Vision problems: Refractive errors are manifested during this period


  • screwing of eyes to watch TV
  • difficulty in reading the blackboard
  • poor posture while reading
  • lack of interest in playing outdoor games
  • Myopia – short sightedness, cannot see distant object clearly, does not progress after adolescence

Treatment – with spectacles (concave lens), contact lens ,LASIK surgery after 16 yrs.

Hypermetropia – only symptoms eye strain,cannot see near objects clearly (eg reading) patients with recurrent styes, squint. Treatment with convex lens, contact lens, LASIK Astigmatism -defective vision, changes in the corneal curvature.

Treatment – cylindrical lens , contact lens , LASIK Computer Vision

Syndrome – results from focusing on the computer screen for prolonged periods of time.

Symptoms – headache, blurred vision, neck pain, eye strain-dry eyes, application of tears to decrease dryness and relieve strain. Blink frequently and look out of window.